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My name is Bob Campana , and I would like to take a moment to tell you that you don't have to continue paying rent - giving your hard earned money to someone else month after month and seeing nothing in return.

Renting IS throwing money away!!

When you rent you are making someone else rich - and doing nothing to improve your own financial position.  Even though you pay hundreds of dollars every month for a home, you are investing nothing in your own future security - at the end of it all, you're in the same position as when you started, with no savings, no equity, no investment or assets to your name.   The money you pay on rent doesn't even buy you the freedom to decorate your home the way you want!!

Imagine a home of your own - a fenced yard for the kids to play in, a driveway to park your car, enough room for storage, the freedom to decorate your home as you want…when you want!!  For essentially the same money you pay on rent every month, you could be paying off a mortgage and building equity, leading to a secure financial future for yourself and your family.  And you can feel the pride of ownership - of knowing every thing you invest in your home is an investment in your future.

Let's be honest…Home Ownership is a common, universal goal.  We all want to have our own home, and the pride that comes with it. 

So why are you renting?

In all of my dealings with renters I ask them this question, "Why are you renting?"  The explanations and stories I hear vary from person to person - some are humorous, some aren't.  I've heard almost every reason and excuse possible for throwing money away on rent, but when you take away the personal particulars, everyone give the same reason for renting - YOU DON'T THINK YOU CAN AFFORD IT!  The ironic part is, renting is the biggest and most common waste of money  there is.  While lack of money is the reason most people rent, when a person becomes trapped in the renters cycle, they feel always limited to renting!

Most People rent because they don't think they have the money to buy, but if you rent, when will you have the money to buy?

This is the horrible trap of renting.  Once you are in a situation to pay rent it becomes almost impossible to save the money you need to buy a home, and so you are trapped in the renters' cycle.  And this is exactly what landlords want.  Make no mistake, even though you are renting, you are paying off a mortgage - just not your own!

Think about it…think about how much money you have spent in the last year, or the last five years in rent.  Let's say you pay $1,000 per month in rent - that's $60,000 you've spent in the last five years - and still you have nothing!  If you can afford this much for rent every month, you can carry the payments of a standard mortgage on a house valued at $125,000 or more!!!

The problem is, once you pay the $1,000 rent, and your cable, phone, utilities and other living expenses, you probably feel you don't have the money to save for a home.  Or if you can save a little every month, the thought of how many years you'd have to save for discourages you from doing so. 

I'll say it again, no matter what the circumstances were, no matter what factors came into play, the one single reason people rent is that they don't believe they have enough money to buy.

The two most common responses I hear, and I'm pretty sure if you're honest you'll admit you fall into one of these categories are:

  1. "I can't save the money for a down payment"
  2. "I have credit problems and can't qualify for a traditional loan".

Again, I'm almost certain you fall into one of these two categories.  The fact is, except in very rare cases, if you are paying rent, you can afford to pay a mortgage…once you've paid the down payment and secured the loan.

The good news is, if the only thing keeping you trapped in the renters' cycle is either of the reasons listed above, then there is a solution!

This is my personal promise to you - there are several options available to help you break out of the renters' cycle - and I'm about to tell you what they are!

While I don't know your individual circumstances, I can tell you that if you are earning a modest income and are able to meet a monthly obligation, I will be able to help you buy a home.

I am a real estate investor who has been helping people jump the hurdle from renting to home ownership for many years.  I can offer you solutions not available through most real estate agents - options that will help you realize your dreams of owning your own home!

How Can I BUY a Home?

The solution that is best for you will depend on what specifically is holding you back from buying a home.  However, the three most common solutions that I am able to offer are:

  1. "Zero Down" Program
  2. Owner Financing
  3. Lease/Purchase

These three options solve the most common problems people have in buying a home.  We'll look at them each individually, and you will be able to decide which option best suits you.  Or perhaps we'll have to come up with another game plan for you, combining various elements of these and other programs - but that's something we can consider later.

"Zero Down" Program

One of the most common reasons people stay trapped in the renters' cycle is that they cannot accumulate the money necessary to make a down payment.  If you have been held back from buying a home because you can't come up with $10,000, $20,000 or more to put down on a good home, then the "Zero Down" program is perfect for you!

You will still need some money up front, but you'll be surprised at how little you will actually need to buy a good home.

I have several homes right now that you can buy with almost nothing down.  You see, I own these homes, so I can decide on the down payment that you will need, depending on your specific circumstances.  I know how difficult and frustrating it is when you have enough money to cover the carrying costs of a home, but simply can't pull together the first large lump sum - and unlike banks, I don't need you to come up with 10% of the purchase price to prove you will be able to afford the house.

This program is the perfect solution for people caught in the renters' cycle - people who are already making monthly payments equal to or above what they would pay on a loan, but who are unable to save the money necessary to buy exactly because of their monthly rent obligations.

Owner Financing

This is the perfect solution for all those people who could easily afford a home, buy simply don't qualify for a traditional bank loan.

I can't tell you how many stories I have heard about people who ended up in financial troubles when they were younger - as a result of school, medical emergency or some other circumstance that in no way indicates their fiscal responsibility.  Once these blunders appear on your credit history it becomes impossible to get a loan - unless of course you have numerous assets to your name.  Of course, this is the "Catch 22" - because of your poor credit rating you can't get a loan unless you are rich in personal assets, but you can't acquire these assets because you can't get a loan. 

The good news is, because I own several homes, if we can't find you a lender to finance your desire to buy a home, I will probably finance you myself.  However, you should know that despite your credit rating, we will probably be able to find lenders willing to give you a loan.

The best part is, there's no better time!  Our interest rates are both low and steady - which means there is no better time to get financing for a new home.


This is a special program I offer to help people make the move to home ownership - and the success of it is phenomenal.

Lease/Purchase is sort of like "Rent to Own" - only instead of ending up with a T.V. or stereo system, you end up in your very own home.  And unlike electrical toys, the value of a home usually goes up, rather than down over time!

The Lease/Purchase is one of the best ways to make the transition from renting to home ownership, as it offers more freedom and flexibility than buying a home outright.  If you're not 100% certain you can cope with owning your own home, or if you need some time to build a good strong financial management history, or to stabilize your employment, then this program is perfect.

With the Lease/Purchase program, you will live in the home that will eventually be yours, while building equity and repairing credit ratings so that you ultimately become qualified for a standard home mortgage.

Key Points of a Lease/Purchase

  1. The sales price of the home is established the day that the Purchase Option Agreement is signed - so you get to benefit from today's low real estate prices even though you won't actually buy the home until later.
  2. All option fee payments that you make are credited directly towards the purchase price and down payment of the home - and this is key in helping you to save the money and build the equity you need to qualify for a standard mortgage.
  3. The initial option fee, which is essentially your first installment on a down payment, will be set at a level that takes into account the monthly rental fee you can truly afford.  Again, because this is not a traditional method of buying a home, we don't need to go by the traditional, and difficult to meet, guidelines that most Real Estate Agents do.  We will be able to come up with a payment program that considers your income and expenses, so you don't end up in a situation where you can't afford your payments.
  4. At any time during the Option Agreement, you may buy the home you are living in by simply paying the balance due.
  5. The entire time you are living in the house, the work you do is not for someone else - it's for you, for your future home.  The feeling of satisfaction you will get from this is indescribable, and invaluable!

One Problem…

Three Solutions

As we already discussed, chances are the single obstacle standing in the way of you and your dream home  is money - and it doesn't have to be an obstacle.   Whether it be the "Zero Down", "Owner Financing" or "Lease/Purchase", choose the program that works best for you.

And even if none of these solutions sound exactly right for your situation, take heart - there are more options out there.  The three programs discussed in this report are only the three most common programs I use in helping people buy a home.  But as I've said, I am a Real Estate Investor, and work with other investors, which gives us the freedom and flexibility to design a program that is exactly right for you!

Every day you put off buying a home,

Is a day you agree to throw away your hard earned money!

Renting is wasting money - no matter how you look at it, no matter what your reasons, no matter how cheap your rent is.  Every single dollar you spend on rent is a dollar in someone else's bank, invested in someone else's equity and future security.

Once you take the first step to buying a home, you take the first step to the smartest investment you could ever make.  Every day you will be building up your "nest egg", providing security for yourself, and your family, in the future. 

When you own a home and are making regular mortgage payments, your building equity and a good credit rating so if you need to apply for a loan in the future, you'll have no problems.  When you get older and plan to retire, you will be in a better situation, with the biggest and best asset you could ever have.

Owning a home is about more than just the freedom of decorating the way you want, changing the colors of your walls and carpet, having a place to park your car.  It's about more than knowing the hard earned money your spending on accommodation isn't going to waste - or to making someone else rich.  Owning a home is about pride, and your future security, about your life.  DON'T WAIT ANOTHER DAY!!!

If you truly want to break out of the renters' cycle, and start investing in yourself and your future - then all you need to do is take a few minutes a give me a call at 330-759-1391.  We'll set up a time to discuss your particular circumstances and what you want to do, come up with the best game plan to get you into a new home, quickly, and then start looking for your future home.

I can't stress enough that there is really only one thing standing in the way of you and homeownership - YOU!  It's that simple.  You can own a home, if you want to.

So take a few minutes and give me a call - you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.


Bob Campana

P.S. - The longer you wait to call, the more money you're throwing away.  Calling me doesn't cost you anything but a few minutes of your time.  Not calling me can cost you thousands of dollars, and your future. Call right now 330-759-1391.